Patent Number: 7,762,303

Title: Double-sided tape dispenser

Abstract: A double-sided tape dispenser is provided, in which a rolling tape mechanism is axially formed at the inner wall of body. The rolling tape mechanism comprises a driving gear and a drawback gear joggling with the driving gear. A drawback roll wheel pivots onto the drawback gear. A double-sided tape pivots onto the driving gear to wind the tail of tape onto the roll wheel. Double-sided adhesive is formed over the outer circumference of double-sided tape. An adjustment part pivots onto the drawback roll wheel, so when the gear is driven to joggle with the drawback gear to run, a frictional resistance is caused between the drawback roll wheel and the drawback gear to keep the tightness of drawback of the drawback release paper, preventing the release paper from being blocked on the drawback roll wheel and then the double-sided tape from not drawing back completely.

Inventors: Yu Chen; Hsiu-Man (Tan Tzu Hsiang, Taichung County, TW)


International Classification: B29C 65/50 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018