Patent Number: 7,762,361

Title: Omni-directional aircraft and ordinance handling vehicle

Abstract: A powered omni-directional aircraft and ordinance handling vehicle which, in one embodiment, includes a circular frame and two drive wheels capable of independent powered forward and rearward rotation about a horizontal axis. The drive wheels are adapted to allow the vehicle to spin in place about a vertical axis which intersects the horizontal axis midway between the drive wheels and which is generally centered in the circular frame. A turret is rotatively mounted to the frame such that it is capable of rotation about the vertical axis, and an articulated ordinance handling arm is mounted to the turret. A castor is mounted to the frame for supporting the frame on the ground. A control system enables the vehicle to rotate in place to change headings while maintaining ordinance carried by the arm motionless with respect to the ground and to perform repetitive precise multi-axis motion control of the vehicle.

Inventors: Hammonds; Carl L. (Humble, TX)

Assignee: Hammonds Technical Services, Inc.

International Classification: B62D 11/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018