Patent Number: 7,765,101

Title: Voice signal conversation method and system

Abstract: A method of converting a voice signal spoken by a source speaker into a converted voice signal having acoustic characteristics that resemble those of a target speaker. The method includes the following steps: determining (1) at least one function for the transformation of the acoustic characteristics of the source speaker into acoustic characteristics similar to those of the target speaker; and transforming the acoustic characteristics of the voice signal to be converted using the at least one transformation function. The method is characterized in that: (i) the aforementioned transformation function-determining step (1) consists in determining (1) a function for the joint transformation of characteristics relating to the spectral envelope and characteristics relating to the fundamental frequency of the source speaker; and (ii) the transformation includes the application of the joint transformation function.

Inventors: En-Najjary; Taoufik (Valbonne, FR), Rosec; Olivier (Lannion, FR)

Assignee: France Telecom

International Classification: G10L 17/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018