Patent Number: 7,765,473

Title: Method for document viewing

Abstract: A client-side handheld device requests a server to convert server-side documents into a compression format prior to transmission of said documents to the client. The server retrieves and converts the requested documents to a raster image that is then compressed according to attributes based on information received from the client device in the initial document request. Instead of having to manipulate multiple formats which the original documents are in and supported by the server, the client-side device is preferably optimized in hardware and/or software to support and otherwise take advantage of the requested compression format. The compressed document is then delivered to the client device, in whole or in part, selectively or progressively over time per individual requests prior to displaying the received data to the end-user. Depending on the requested delivery mode, server-side documents are preferably compressed using wavelet compression methods, such as the JPEG 2000 standard, known in the arts. Through such a compression format, documents of sizes (in total bytes) exceeding one or more Megabytes can be compressed down to as small as 30 kilobytes or less.

Inventors: Buckley; Robert R. (Rochester, NY), Rainero; Emil V. (Penfield, NY), Reid; James W. (Fairport, NY), Spiteri; Pamela B. (Penfield, NY)

Assignee: Xerox Corporation

International Classification: G06F 17/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 7/27/12018