Patent Number: 7,765,656

Title: Apparatus and method for generating post-burial audio communications in a burial casket

Abstract: An apparatus and method for generating post-burial audio communications from surviving family members, friends, and loved ones by adapting a burial casket with an electronic audio communication system that automatically generates post-burial communications in the casket. The burial casket is thus adapted with an audio message system containing electronically stored audio and music files that are automatically played in accordance with a programmed schedule thereby allowing surviving members means for communicating to the deceased for a period of time after burial. An electronic device having a data storage system for storing recorded audio, such as messages from family and friends, music, or any other suitable audio file is provided. A date tracking timer allows for the selective broadcast of audio content automatically in accordance with user programmed and selected scheduling. A battery power source provides electrical power for the system. The present invention thus provides surviving family and friends with a means of automatically communicating messages and sounds to the deceased after burial. The apparatus has a housing that includes a relatively thin projecting peripheral lip sized to fit on the back of a conventional picture frame such that it may be concealed behind a photograph of the deceased when affixed in the casket. A wireless update device is further provided to allow surviving family members the ability to update, revise, and edit, stored audio files and programming after burial.

Inventors: Dannenberg; Jeff (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


International Classification: A61G 17/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/03/12018