Patent Number: 7,765,738

Title: Sliding window apparatus

Abstract: A sliding window assembly has at least one sliding pane mounted for travel along a travel path between a closed position in a first plane and an open position in an offset second plane substantially parallel to the first plane. The window assembly has travel guide apparatus for guiding its movement along the travel path between the open and closed positions. The travel guide apparatus includes a track defining an elongate slot corresponding to the travel path, a fixed guide surface having a fixed position relative to the track, e.g., a pivot pin, and components cooperatively operative as a cam and slide movement for guiding travel of the sliding pane between its open and closed positions. Typically, for generally rectilinear sliding panes, a track, guide surface and cam and slide movement are provided for each corner of the sliding pane. The cam and slide movement comprises a traveler mounted for longitudinal travel in the track and having an elongate slot at an angle to the main travel path, a travel pin mounted to the sliding pane and extending into the elongate slot of the track and the traveler slot, and a cam mounted to the sliding pane. The cam is operative to contact the fixed guide surface as the sliding pane approaches the closed position, to guide the sliding pane from the offset second plane to the first plane as the sliding pane travels further toward the closed position.

Inventors: Dufour; William T. (Macomb Township, MI), Keck; Kenneth E. (Clinton Township, MI)

Assignee: Dura Global Technologies, LLC

International Classification: E05D 15/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/03/12018