Patent Number: 7,765,759

Title: Insulated concrete form

Abstract: A concrete wall forming system including a plurality of mold units for forming a wall of concrete. The mold units include a bond beam form extending into the body lengthwise, defined by a first wall, a second wall, a bond beam form bottom, a first end and a second end where the first wall and second wall extend a depth defined by a portion of the distance from the top surface to the bottom surface and where the bond beam form does not touch the first side or the second side. First and second ledges extend lengthwise along the body from the first and second sides respectively to the first and second walls respectively of the bond beam form. The bond beam form bottom extends from the first wall to the second wall. At least two column forms extend from the bond beam form bottom to a bottom surface.

Inventors: Au; Ginawati (Aliquippa, PA), Jarvie; Shawn P. (Monaca, PA), Rubb; Justin D. (Coraopolis, PA), Williams; Michael T. (Beaver Falls, PA), Araos; Daniel (Viera, FL), Hileman; Blain (New Castle, PA)

Assignee: NOVA Chemicals Inc.

International Classification: E04B 2/00 (20060101); E04C 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/03/12018