Patent Number: 7,765,778

Title: Machine for the strapping of compressible packaged goods in particular, such as corrugated cardboard layers

Abstract: A strapping machine includes a supply unit, a guidance frame, a pressing plate, feeder runners, a closure aggregate, a storage unit, a feeder, an insertion device and a guidance structure. The closure aggregate is vertically aligned with the pressing plate and maneuverable, whilst the supply unit is located within close proximity of the strapping area and the pressing plate. The guidance structure includes one canal-like transfer line leading at least to the closure aggregate. The insertion device is accessible from outside, is aligned with the supply unit and is attached to a lower section of an automatically opened guidance canal. The strapping material is fed synchronically to the transfer line with the pressing plate adjustable for height. The insertion mechanism incorporates feeder and runners. The storage unit adjacent to the supply unit is aligned to the exterior of the strapping area.

Inventors: Schuttler; Karl (Nordheim v.d. Rhon, DE), Pearson; Timothy B. (Antioch, IL)

Assignee: Signode Bernpak GmbH

International Classification: B65B 13/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/03/12018