Patent Number: 7,765,829

Title: Apparatus for receiving, storing and providing bags of blood

Abstract: The apparatus for receiving, preserving and supplying bags of blood comprises a cabinet for containing all the components of the apparatus; a refrigerated space for containing the bags; a magazine comprising a plurality of cells, each capable of containing a single bag, the magazine being housed inside the refrigerated space, each of the cells being identified by a cell code; at least one door for allowing access by an operator to the cells; a movement system housed inside the cabinet and capable of moving, preferably rotating, the cells; a cooling system housed inside the cabinet and capable of cooling the refrigerated space; a data processing system housed inside the cabinet, capable of controlling the movement system and the cooling system, and capable of controlling the receiving, preservation and supply of the bags; a keyboard and a screen, both connected to the processing system, and both placed at the walls of the cabinet.

Inventors: Zenobi; Mauro (Bastia Umbra, IT)

Assignee: Angelantoni Industrie SpA

International Classification: F25D 25/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/03/12018