Patent Number: 7,784,130

Title: Alternating pressure mattresses

Abstract: An alternating pressure mattress has two sets (A, B) of cells, which are inflated and deflated cyclically and in sequence, to provide alternating support for a patient. Each set (A, B) has central transverse cells (11a, 11b) and side forming cells (14a, 14b). The central cells (11a, 11b) provide a central region for the patient. The side forming cells (14a, 14b) protrude, when inflated, higher than the central cells, to act as side barriers preventing rolling of the patient off the mattress. At each side of the mattress a plurality of the side forming cells (14a, 14b) of both sets (A, B) is present, these cells inflating and deflating with the respective central cells (11a, 11b), so that the side barrier effect is provided by the two sets (A, B) cells alternatingly.

Inventors: Pile; Brian F. (Fareham, GB)

Assignee: Pegasus Limited

International Classification: A47C 27/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018