Patent Number: 7,784,220

Title: Door module assembly with integrated actuator holder

Abstract: A motor vehicle door module assembly including a door module plate assembly mounting a bell crank having a first arm portion positioned to be engaged by an outside door handle and a second arm portion connected to a link arranged to trip the door latch. The door module assembly is integrally formed with a socket pivotally receiving the bell crank. The bell crank includes a pivot shaft portion sized to be journaled in the socket. The pivot shaft portion is configured to be inserted into the socket in a first angular position and, following insertion, the bell crank is rotated to rotate the pivot shaft portion in the socket to a second, operative angular position where the link may extend between the bell crank second arm portion and the latch and inadvertent withdrawal of the pivot shaft portion is precluded. The pivot shaft configuration allowing insertion into the socket comprises opposite flats on the shaft portion defining reduced diameter shaft portion sections and the modular plate assembly defines slots providing access to the socket and sized to pass the reduced diameter shaft portion sections to allow positioning of the pivot shaft portion in the socket.

Inventors: Wild; Brian (Ferndale, MI)

Assignee: Hi-Lex Corporation

International Classification: E06B 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018