Patent Number: 7,784,243

Title: I-beam with curved flanges

Abstract: An I-beam (10) comprises a first D-shaped flange (20) and a second D-shaped flange (60) connected by a web (100). Each flange includes a planar segment (30,70) and a curved segment (40,80). A lip (50,90) depends from the planar segment (30,70) of each flange (20,60) and is adapted to be attached to the web (100). The curved segment (40,70) of each flange (20,60) includes an outer surface (42,82) and an outer surface (44,84). The outer surface (42,82) is serrated to grip a wall panel or other structure attached to the flange (20,80) and the inner surface includes ridges (46,86) to strengthen the flange (20,60).

Inventors: Zahner, III; L. William (Kansas City, MO)

Assignee: A. Zahner Company

International Classification: E04C 2/38 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018