Patent Number: 7,784,268

Title: Partial superheat cycle for operating a pump in a rocket system

Abstract: A system and method of driving a fuel pump and/or an oxidizer pump in a propulsion system includes pumping an oxidizer from an oxidizer supply to a rocket engine with the oxidizer pump. A first portion of the pumped oxidizer is used for combustion in the rocket engine. The heat from the combustion of the first portion of the oxidizer is then transferred to a second portion of the pumped oxidizer to convert the second portion of the oxidizer to a super-heated gaseous oxidizer. The super-heated gaseous oxidizer operates a motor, which drives the oxidizer pump and/or the fuel pump.

Inventors: Greason; Jeffrey K. (Tehachapi, CA), DeLong; Daniel L. (Mojave, CA), Jones; Douglas B. (Mojave, CA)

Assignee: XCOR Aerospace

International Classification: F02K 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018