Patent Number: 7,784,304

Title: Non-slip ice bag device and method for using same to treat patients

Abstract: Non-slip, non-constrictive, self-adhesive ice bag device for use with confined patients that comprises a flexible, preferably water-impermeable outer cover with an open end that is sealable with a leak-proof closure means, said cover having a layer of adhesive to temporarily attach said cover, when it is filled with the cooling medium, or one or more cooling packs containing the cooling medium, to the inside or the outside of a patient-care fabric that is arranged to be in close contact with an injured area of the patient, such that said cooling medium is then in close contact with said injured area, without slippage, and without the need for a potentially constrictive strapping and/or wrapping means.

Inventors: Trinh; Dennis Sam (Maineville, OH), Trinh; David Lam (Maineville, OH), Trinh; Albert Long (Maineville, OH)


International Classification: F25D 3/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018