Patent Number: 7,784,326

Title: Chuck for friction test apparatus

Abstract: A friction test apparatus includes a base structure and a receptacle secured to the base structure. At least three lower test balls are positioned in the receptacle. The friction test apparatus includes a motor having a rotatable shaft providing powered rotation of the shaft. An upper test ball is positioned on the shaft in a chuck, and contracts the at least three test balls in the receptacle in use. The chuck may include tapered inner surfaces that frictionally engage the upper test ball along a substantially continuous ring of contact to prevent rotation of the upper test ball relative to the chuck during operation. The receptacle may include a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet to permit fluid in the receptacle to be changed.

Inventors: Domeier; Joachim (Ann Arbor, MI)


International Classification: G01N 3/56 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018