Patent Number: 7,784,353

Title: Sanitary diaphragm pressure gauge adapter

Abstract: An adapter fits a diaphragm-type sanitary pressure gauge onto a flanged tubular stub of a sanitary conduit. A cylinder has a lower ring flange that mates with the flange of the tubular stub and an upper flange that mates with the diaphragm mounting foot of the pressure gauge. These are held together with tri-clamps, with suitable sealing glands. The interior of the cylinder is two-tiered, with a larger diameter portion above, a smaller diameter portion below, and an annular shelf or step between. A piston with a larger diameter upper portion and smaller diameter lower portion rides in the cylinder, with a seal ring in the lower portion. A hard rubber pad on the top of the piston contacts the diaphragm of the pressure gauge to transmit fluid pressure from the sanitary conduit to the gauge. A small leak detection hole through the cylinder above the seal ring reveals any leakage.

Inventors: Feldmeier; Robert H. (Fayetteville, NY)


International Classification: G01L 7/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018