Patent Number: 7,784,383

Title: Jewelry aid

Abstract: An aid for the connecting of a piece of jewelry together that has a pliers type construction. The aid includes a first handle and a first jaw connected by a pivotal joint with a second handle and a second jaw. The first jaw has a distal end portion with an inwardly facing surface that defines a notch. The second jaw has an elongate arcuate distal end portion that fixes the position of a biased clasp of a piece of jewelry. The notch of the first jaw engages a lever of the clasp and opens the clasp while it is fixed in position by the second jaw. The aid includes a bias that urges the jaws to a closed position and retains the clasp in an open position.

Inventors: Salva; Peter (Islandia, NY), Riordan; Patrick (Wantah, NY)


International Classification: B25B 7/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018