Patent Number: 7,784,388

Title: Blade clamping device

Abstract: A blade clamping device comprises a main body which includes two opposited sidewalls and a base plate connected therebetween for defining a cavity for receiving a blade therein. A fixing device mounted between the two sidewalls. A pivot lever is pivotly mounted on the main body about an axis for driving the fixing device to fix or release the blade. A spring is biased between the main body and the pivot lever, which can hold the pivot lever in a predetermined position at which the fixing device clamps the blade tightly. The blade clamping device of the present invention can be kept in the position where the blade is released such that the blade can be easily detached or inserted as required. Furthermore, the operation becomes convenient and easy because of the short moving distance of the operation handle when an operator turns round the pivot lever to fix or release blade.

Inventors: Chen; Yasheng (Nanjing, CN)

Assignee: Chervon Limited

International Classification: B23D 51/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018