Patent Number: 7,784,503

Title: Viscous material metering system and method

Abstract: A viscous material metering system comprises a cutting apparatus comprising a tensioning fork having a main body diverging into extending tines; a cutting wire tensioned between the tines of the fork; and a driving mechanism operatively connected to the tensioning fork to drive the fork and tensioned cutting wire; and a controller controllably connected to the driving mechanism and having a set of instructions to control the driving mechanism to drive the fork to cut a continuous viscous material into portions of a predetermined size or weight for metering to a viscous material compounding system. A viscous material metering method comprises determining a sequential portion of viscous material to be metered from a container to a viscous material compounding system; metering portions of the continuous viscous material to the compounding system by cutting the material substantially perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of an elongated continuous viscous material feed expressed from the container; and controlling the cutting to meter the determined sequential portion.

Inventors: Stanton; Jennifer L. (Clifton Park, NY), Bayly; Harry A. (Mechanicville, NY), Knox; Roger (Clifton Park, NY)

Assignee: Momentive Performance Materials

International Classification: B65B 1/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018