Patent Number: 7,784,513

Title: Tire pressure maintenance device

Abstract: A device for maintaining a desired inflation pressure within a tire mounted on a wheel of a vehicle which includes a microcompressor having a flexible compression chamber and a magnetic element not on the wheel. As the compressor passes the magnet each wheel revolution, a small amount of atmospheric air is pumped into the tire, if needed. The magnet and the compressor need no other contact with the vehicle or the wheel and require no energy source on the wheel. An alternative embodiment uses an electrical coil on the wheel to pass the magnet inducing a voltage that drives a compressor on the wheel. As the coil passes the electromagnet it provides a split transformer that transfers electrical power to the wheel and permits two-way pulse data communication between the wheel and the vehicle.

Inventors: Loewe; Richard Thomas (Santa Ana, CA)


International Classification: B60C 23/10 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018