Patent Number: 7,784,548

Title: Smart compressed chamber well optimization system

Abstract: A system for extracting a gas and a liquid from a well broadly includes tubing strings that collect well liquid and a gas lift system that removes the collected liquid. A standing valve connects the strings and permits liquid to enter the strings from the subsurface formation. The gas lift system includes a compressor that uses pressurized gas to remove the collected liquid and discharge the liquid into a separator. The system permits liquid to be collected and removed while simultaneously producing gas from the well casing. The system includes an accumulator that stores compressed gas for removing the collected liquid.

Inventors: Wilson; Dennis L. (Aztec, NM), Schlabaugh; James L. (Dolores, CO)

Assignee: ConocoPhillips Company

International Classification: E21B 4/18 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018