Patent Number: 7,784,602

Title: Conveying system

Abstract: A conveying system to be used in the printing industry, especially in mailroom technology, includes a revolvingly driven conveying member that is provided with supporting elements that are fixed to a traction rope in a stationary and optionally torsion-proof manner. The conveying member can be provided with another rope that has the same length as the traction rope, revolves substantially parallel thereto, and is used as a guide rope or second traction rope. Grippers that are disposed laterally on the belt-shaped conveying member, which is formed by ropes and supporting elements, are arranged on the supporting elements in order to grab and hold individual printed products or groups of printed products. The conveying member is deflected onto different deflection planes via guiding devices while being twisted between such deflections such that the three-dimensional position of the supporting elements and the conveyed printed products can be modified. The guiding devices are equipped with revolving guiding members that are positioned so as to be in contact with the supporting elements.

Inventors: Mueller; Erwin (Duernten, CH)

Assignee: Ferag AG

International Classification: B65G 47/84 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018