Patent Number: 7,784,743

Title: Line holder in an aircraft

Abstract: The present invention relates to a retainer or holder for positioning a line on a structural component, a line guiding system for reducing sag in line guiding, and an aircraft having at least one line, which is equipped with a line guiding system according to the present invention. In addition, the present invention relates to the use of the line guiding system according to the present invention in an aircraft. The holder essentially comprises a main body, a bracing element and an engagement element. The bracing element projects from the bottom side of the main body and divides the main body globally into a cantilever section and a support section. The engagement element is adapted to be received frictionally locked by a reception opening in a structural component. A support for a line is located on the top side of the main body in the area of the cantilever section, through whose weight load the holder experiences a torque, which is transferred via the bracing element and the engagement element as a force couple into the structural component.

Inventors: Zeuner; Lutz (Hardebek, DE), Kosiankowski; Lueder (Jork, DE), Guthke; Hans-Peter (Buxtehude, DE)

Assignee: Airbus Deutschland GmbH

International Classification: F16L 17/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018