Patent Number: 7,784,748

Title: Swing away mailbox post

Abstract: The invention relates to a swing away mail box post which is simple to operate and manufacture. It includes two parts: a stationary base; and, a rotating stem (the latter of which is attached to the mailbox post itself). There is only one moving part, the stem rotates on the base as you desire. You just set the desired direction upon base installation by relying on a directed notch or keyway that interacts with a stem mounted screw to bias the location of the stem with respect to the base post. The installation of the base is straight forward, and the stem is adaptable to any standard type mailbox post, i.e., 3'' round metal, 4''.times.4'' wood, and 31/2''.times.3 1/2'' P.V.C. sq. type post. This mailbox post system also includes two base configurations, one for stable packed soil, grass, etc. and one for sandy (i.e., loose) soil.

Inventors: Biddiscombe; David William (Randolph, NJ)


International Classification: A47J 47/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018