Patent Number: 7,784,772

Title: Spring system

Abstract: A spring system has a first pulling part with a first fastening element connected by a tension spring to a second pulling part with a second fastening element. The pulling parts are moveable relative to one another so as to increase or relieve stressing on the tension spring. A damping device damps the movement of the pulling parts in relation to one another. A cylinder is fastened on the first pulling part and a piston 3 is axially displacesably arranged therein, subdividing the interior of the cylinder into a first cylinder chamber and a second cylinder chamber. A piston rod connected to the piston is arranged on the second pulling part. The interior of the cylinder is connected to the surroundings via one or more restrictor openings.

Inventors: Knopp; Axel (Eitelborn, DE), Darscheid; Karl-Heinz (Hillscheid, DE), Bonnekessel; Stefan (Koblenz, DE), Massmann; Rainer (Bonn, DE), Mintgen; Rolf (Thuer, DE), Rickenberg; Torsten (Neuwied, DE), Scheuer; Jorg-Erwin (Karlsruhe, DE), Schweinberger; Dirk (Karlsruhe, DE), Herbst; Daniel (Karlsruhe, DE), Vollinger; Joachim (Grossenluder, DE)

Assignee: Stabilus GmbH

International Classification: F16F 9/00 (20060101); F16F 1/12 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018