Patent Number: 7,784,792

Title: Gaming apparatus using integrated rollers for game pieces

Abstract: A gaming apparatus including a plastic top surface and four side walls connected to the top, the top having a 64 block checkerboard pattern of a first and second color, the checkerboard having cutouts in the blocks of the first color of the checkerboard pattern; eight rods running crossways under the top surface and attached to two side walls; eight six sided rollers fitting on each of the eight rods, the rollers accessible to a player through the cutouts in the top surface, the rollers include on each side of the roller, color the same as the first color or the second color or the first or second color with the image of at least one game piece thereupon. Preferably a six sided roller is provided to represent either no game piece present, a first player's game piece present, a first player's kinged game piece present (two game pieces of the same color on the same block), a second player's game piece present, or a second player's kinged game piece present on that particular block of the checkerboard.

Inventors: Davis; Delroy (Baltimore, MD), Davis; Barbara (Baltimore, MD)


International Classification: A63F 3/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018