Patent Number: 7,784,974

Title: Devices and methods for providing adjustable light intensity

Abstract: The present invention generally relates to light sources that have variable and adjustable luminous intensities. According to certain preferred embodiments of the invention, devices are provided that generally comprise (1) a conductive elastomeric material that is located between a first and second conductive surface; (2) a power source operably connected to the first conductive surface; and (3) a light source operably connected to the second conductive surface. In such embodiments, the conductive elastomeric material comprises an electrical resistance that decreases when the material is compressed or contacts a greater surface area of the first or second conductive surface. By modulating the compression state of the elastomeric material (and, therefore, the ohmic resistance thereof), the amount of electrical power transmitted from the power source to the light source is controlled, which in turn affects the luminous intensity of the light emitted therefrom.

Inventors: Baechtiger; Walter (Novato, CA), Hickey; Kyle (Longmont, CO)


International Classification: F21L 4/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018