Patent Number: 7,784,992

Title: Apparatus for a solar window nightlight

Abstract: An apparatus for a solar window nightlight includes at least one battery contained within a circuit housing. Solar panels are disposed on an outside surface of the circuit housing for charging the battery. Control circuitry connects the battery, the solar panels and LED lights to control operations of the LED lights and charging of the at least one battery. A photocell is connected to the control circuitry where when ambient light falls below a predetermined level, the control circuitry activates the LED lights. Translucent lenses include a bore hole in a base for receiving one of the LED lights and reflective material on outside edges. Suction cups retain the apparatus on a window surface where, during day light hours, there is sufficient ambient light to charge the battery and, during night hours, the translucent lenses illuminate a desired area.

Inventors: Gustaveson; Ron (Draper, UT)


International Classification: H01R 33/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018