Patent Number: 7,785,017

Title: Strain-relief assemblies and methods for a field-installable fiber optic connector

Abstract: A strain-relief assembly for a field-installable fiber optic connector is disclosed, wherein the assembly includes a ferrule holder, an intermediate sleeve, and a crimp sleeve. The ferrule holder back section holds a buffered section of a fiber optic cable, while the ferrule holder front end holds a ferrule and a splice assembly. A stub fiber is held within the ferrule and the splice assembly so as to interface with a section of field optical fiber protruding from the buffered section. The intermediate sleeve engages and generally surrounds a portion of the ferrule holder back section and thus surrounds a portion of the buffered layer. An intermediate sleeve handler may be used to handle the intermediate sleeve and attached the intermediate sleeve to the ferrule holder back section. Stress-relief strands from the fiber optic cable are flared around the outer surface of the intermediate sleeve. A crimp sleeve is placed over the intermediate sleeve to hold the ends of the stress-relief strands in place. The crimp sleeve is then crimped, which fixes the strand ends in place and also fixes the intermediate sleeve in place on the ferrule back section.

Inventors: Barnes; Ray S. (Hickory, NC), McEvoy; Kristine A. (Fort Worth, TX), Meek; David W. (Ft. Worth, TX), Semmler; Scott E. (Keller, TX)

Assignee: Corning Cable Systems LLC

International Classification: G02B 6/38 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018