Patent Number: 7,785,026

Title: Cosmetic applicator device

Abstract: A cosmetic stick applicator for treating the lips of a person. The applicator has an elongate, tubular body with an inner chamber for storing a chemical formulation or substance such as an exfoliant, to be applied to the lips. One end of the body has an external, oblique, lip-engageable abrasive applicator surface containing a product-dispensing orifice through which the substance can be ejected. Such ejection is accomplished by means of a finger-engageable wheel that is turned to forcibly discharge the substance through the orifices and onto the applicator surface. Thereafter this surface which now contains the discharged substance, is rubbed against the lips and thus effects a scrubbing thereof, which brings about gentle and controlled exfoliation of accumulated dead skin cells. Following this, excess dead cell material can be wiped off with a tissue or pad.

Inventors: Eng; Serena (Warren, NJ), Chang; Charles (Wayne, NJ)


International Classification: A47L 13/26 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018