Patent Number: 7,785,050

Title: Apparatus and method for securing a vehicle on a carrier bed

Abstract: An apparatus and method for loading, securing, and unloading a vehicle, from a carrier bed. An aft axle restraint and ramp assembly is lowered to the ground, providing an inclined ramp for the vehicle to be driven onto the bed. The ramp is then raised into a vertical position and locked. The axle restraint, pivotally attached to the ramp, is raised and dropped over the rear axle of the vehicle. A fore vehicle hold down assembly comprises a pair of hooks pivotally connected to a lever arm. The hold down assembly is raised into a disengaged position, and the hooks are placed either over an accessory rack or the front bumper of the vehicle. Lowering the lever arm into an engaged position, pulls the frame forwardly and downwardly, securing the vehicle against fore and aft movement, and maintaining the forward components of the vehicle suspension in a compressed state.

Inventors: Fonseca, Jr.; Augustine (Redding, CA)


International Classification: B60P 3/073 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018