Patent Number: 7,785,215

Title: Golf ball containing photoluminescent material and a light source

Abstract: A photoluminescent, light-emitting golf ball comprises a substantially solid core with an outer shell, both formed of a light transmissive material. Photoluminescent particles are distributed within the light transmissive material. A light-emitting circuit assembly embedded within the core includes at least one battery, a control circuit coupled to the at least one battery, a plurality of light-emitting diodes coupled to the control circuit, and an impact switch electrically connected between the battery and the control circuit. The control circuit actuates the light-emitting diodes for a predetermined time period in response to an impact of the golf ball by a golf club. Actuation of the light-emitting diodes by an impact on the golf ball excites the photoluminescent particles, causing the particles to glow in excess of the predetermined time period of actuation of the light-emitting diodes.

Inventors: Kohnen, II; Michael P. (Turtle Lake, WI)


International Classification: A63B 37/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018