Patent Number: 7,785,455

Title: Cross-contaminant shield in sputtering system

Abstract: A multi-chamber processing system is described for depositing materials on multiple workpieces (wafers, display panels, or any other workpieces) at a time in a vacuum chamber. The system includes a sputtering chamber and a separate pre-clean chamber, where wafers can be transferred between the two chambers by a robotic arm without breaking a vacuum. The wafers are mounted one-by-one onto a rotating pallet in the pre-cleaning chamber and sputtering chamber. The pallet is firmly fixed to a rotatable table in the sputtering chamber. Copper tubing in the table couples RF energy to the wafers, and a liquid running through the copper tubing controls the temperature of the wafers. Multiple targets, of the same or different materials, may concurrently deposit material on the wafers as the pallet is rotating. Multiple magnets (one for each target) in the magnetron assembly in the sputtering chamber oscillate over their respective targets for uniform target erosion and uniform deposition on the wafers. An electrically insulated target backing plate between each magnet and a target has a liquid channel running through it for controlling temperature. The distance between the magnets and the targets is made very small by a thin aluminum plate fixed to the bottom segment of the target backing plate by a dip brazing process. Various shields are described to prevent cross-contamination from the targets and prevent the sputtered target material from entering gaps in the chamber and shorting out insulators.

Inventors: Mullapudi; Ravi (San Jose, CA), Smith; Dean (Cupertino, CA)

Assignee: Tango Systems, Inc.

International Classification: C23C 14/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018