Patent Number: 7,785,881

Title: MAGE-C2 antigenic peptides and uses thereof

Abstract: This invention relates to isolated peptides derived from MAGE-C2, nucleic acid molecules that encode MAGE-C2 and the isolated peptides derived from MAGE-C2, expression vectors comprising the nucleic acid molecules, host cells transformed or transfected with the nucleic acid molecules or the expression vectors, and to tetramers comprising the peptides, HLA molecules, .beta..sub.2 microglobulin and a first and second binding partner. This invention also relates to methods for using the peptides, nucleic acid molecules, expression vectors, tetramers and complexes of this invention as well as to cytolytic T cells which recognize the peptides in complex with an HLA molecule.

Inventors: Van Pel; Aline (Brussels, BE), Godelaine; Daniele (Brussels, BE), Carrasco; Javier (Brussels, BE), Brasseur; Francis (Brussels, BE), Boon-Falleur; Thierry (Brussels, BE)

Assignee: Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

International Classification: C12N 15/86 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018