Patent Number: 7,786,643

Title: Electrical machine, in particular a synchronous motor, with redundant stator windings

Abstract: The electrical machine (1) has a stator (2) and a rotor (5), wherein the stator (2) has stator slots (8), in which a stator winding (4) with redundant and at least three-phase winding systems (U1, V1, W1; U2, V2, W2) is laid. According to the invention, the electrical machine (1) has a large number of poles with a pole number (PZ) of at least four, a number (NZ) of stator slots (8) which corresponds to the product of a phase number and the square of the pole number (PZ) of the electrical machine (1) or an integral multiple thereof, and a number of winding systems (U1, V1, W1; . . . ; U4, V4, W4) which corresponds to the pole number (PZ). In each case a number of in-phase winding sections (U1-U4, V1-V4, W1-W4) which corresponds to the pole number (PZ) are combined to form a group of phase winding sections (PU, PV, PW). The phase winding section groups (PU, PV, PW) are laid, phase-cyclically and pole-for-pole, in the stator slots (8) of the stator (2). Depending on the pole and phase winding section group (PU, PV, PW), in each case are slot region (N1-N4) which corresponds to the pole number (PZ) is provided. The slot assignment takes place in such a way that the in-phase winding sections (U1-U4, V1-V4, W1-W4) are distributed, corresponding to their numbering, uniformly amongst the slot positions (N1, . . . , N4) of the associated slot regions (N1-N4).

Inventors: Bade; Maria (Berlin, DE), Mohle; Axel (Berlin, DE)

Assignee: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

International Classification: H02K 1/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018