Patent Number: 7,786,785

Title: Peaking control circuit

Abstract: There are provided a peaking detection part detecting a peaking amount in an output part of an inductor peaking circuit and a control signal generation part varying a circuit parameter of the inductor peaking circuit based on the peaking amount detected by the peaking detection part. Particularly, the inductor peaking circuit has inductors and resistors inserted in series between the output part and a power supply, and capacitances coupled in parallel between the output part and an earth (GND), and depending on respective values of these inductors, resistors and capacitances, it is possible to suppress a peaking generated in the output part.

Inventors: Kanda; Kouichi (Kawasaki, JP), Tamura; Hirotaka (Kawasaki, JP), Yamaguchi; Hisakatsu (Kawasaki, JP), Ogawa; Junji (Kawasaki, JP)

Assignee: Fujitsu Limited

International Classification: G06F 1/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018