Patent Number: 7,786,855

Title: Mobile system and method for traffic detector simulations

Abstract: Traffic induction loop simulator (LOOPSIM) software, and a system and method designed for traffic research and education. The system is able to generate output signals in response to previously recorded real traffic events or simulated traffic. If directly connected to a controller cabinet or a traffic event data collection system, LOOPSIM can be used to simulate output signals from loop detectors and to test algorithms executable in the controller, or to test the performance of a traffic data collection/monitoring system. LOOPSIM can simulate different predefined patterns of traffic distributions and replay loop event data recorded by a detector event data collection (DEDAC) system or an advanced loop event data analyzer (ALEDA) at a pace responsive to controller feedback. Using LOOPSIM, many traffic system tests can be conducted for multi-purpose traffic control applications, and traffic arrival patterns can be generated for researchers and educators to test theoretical models.

Inventors: Cheevarunothai; Patikhom O. (Lynnwood, WA), Wang; Yinhai (Seattle, WA), Nihan; Nancy L. (Seattle, WA)

Assignee: University of Washington through its Center for Commercialization

International Classification: G08G 1/09 (20060101); G08G 1/00 (20060101); G06G 7/76 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018