Patent Number: 7,787,240

Title: Display system in article of clothing

Abstract: An wearable assembly wherein a display system is incorporated into an article of clothing, such as a video jacket or vest. The display system includes at least an output device, a mass storage device, and an input device. The output device includes at least a display device with a substantially rigid display screen. The mass storage device is in content providing relationship to the output device. The input device includes operator accessible controls controllingly associated with the output and mass storage devices. An electrical power source is in electrical power supplying relationship to at least the display system. A carrying harness supports at least the display screen on a torso of a person wearing the article of clothing. The display screen is supported by the carrying harness so that the display screen is generally weight bearingly independent of the article of clothing. A pad is positioned between the carrier's torso and the display screen in motion stabilizing relationship with the display screen. A substantially transparent, impact, and scratch resistant pane is mounted to the article of clothing in substantial registry with the display screen so the display screen is visible through the pane to a viewer located outside of the article of clothing. A geographic position locator beacon member is associated with the article of clothing. Except for the display screen, the display system is substantially hidden from the viewer by the article of clothing.

Inventors: Swain; Dudley (Los Angeles, CA)


International Classification: H05K 7/14 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018