Patent Number: 7,787,255

Title: Grounding apparatus of portable electronic devices

Abstract: A grounding apparatus (200) includes at least one conductive member (20), a sliding mechanism (30) and a flexible printed circuit board (40). The sliding mechanism is conductive and electrically connected to the conductive member. The flexible printed circuit board includes a conductive layer (421) and a grounding end (4231), the conductive layer and the grounding end are electrically connected to the sliding mechanism.

Inventors: Tsai; Ching-Sen (Tu-Cheng, TW), Tsao; Mei-Tsu (Tu-Cheng, TW), Chang; Cheng-Lung (Tu-Cheng, TW)

Assignee: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

International Classification: H05K 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018