Patent Number: 7,787,301

Title: Flash memory device using double patterning technology and method of manufacturing the same

Abstract: Provided are a flash memory device and a method of manufacturing the same. The flash memory device includes strings. Each of the strings has a string selection line, a ground selection line, and an odd number of word lines formed between the string selection line and the ground selection line.

Inventors: Lee; Doo-youl (Seongnam-si, KR), Cho; Han-ku (Seongnam-si, KR), Lee; Suk-joo (Yongin-si, KR), Yeo; Gi-sung (Seoul, KR), Koh; Cha-won (Yongin-si, KR), Kwak; Pan-suk (Hwanseong-si, KR)

Assignee: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

International Classification: G11C 16/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018