Patent Number: 7,787,543

Title: Pulse pattern generator and communication device evaluation system utilizing the same

Abstract: A pulse pattern generator (11) has a pulse generating unit (12) and a lowpass filter (14), and the pulse generating unit (12) includes an amplitude-value setting unit (13, 13a). The pulse generating unit (12) generates a pulse signal formed in a step-like wave in which at least one of rise and fall of a signal is changed in a step-like manner. The lowpass filter (14) smoothes the pulse signal generated by the pulse generating unit (11), and outputs a smoothed pulse signal. The amplitude-value setting unit (13, 13a) adjusts an amplitude value of a step-like wave that forms the pulse signal in order to set a shape of an eye waveform based on a setting value when an eye pattern of the output from the lowpass filter (14) is formed. The pulse pattern generator (11) can output the pulse signal having a desired pulse pattern having the predetermined eye closure from the lowpass filter (14).

Inventors: Yamaguchi; Kazuhiko (Atsugi, JP)

Assignee: Anritsu Corporation

International Classification: H04B 14/04 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018