Patent Number: 7,787,850

Title: Multi-input multi-output transceiver with power consumption management based on receiver parameter and method for use therewith

Abstract: An integrated circuit (IC) includes a plurality of RF receivers for receiving a corresponding one of a plurality of received signals. Each of the plurality of the RF receivers includes an AGC module that generates an automatic gain control (AGC) signal based on the strength of the corresponding one of the plurality of received signals, and a low noise amplifier that amplifies the corresponding one of the plurality of received signals based on the AGC signal. A processing module generates a power mode signal for adjusting a power consumption parameter of the IC, based on the AGC signals from each of the plurality of RF receivers.

Inventors: Rofougaran; Ahmadreza (Reza) (Newport Coast, CA)

Assignee: Broadcom Corporation

International Classification: H04B 1/06 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018