Patent Number: 7,788,368

Title: Multicast content usage data collection and accounting

Abstract: Techniques are described for multicast content usage data collection and accounting within a network device. For example, the network device, such as a router, comprises an interface card to receive requests from one or more consumer devices. The requests specify actions concerning multicast content. The requests may include a join request that allows a consumer to join a multicast group and consume content provided by that group, a leave request that allows a user to leave a multicast group and the like. The network device further includes a routing engine to asynchronously collect the requests and create a multicast usage report. The multicast usage report describes multicast content usage by each of the consumer devices. Content providers may access the usage report and derive accounting information from the usage report to update consumer accounts based on the derived accounting information.

Inventors: Scano; John C. (Dracut, MA), Blease; David (Holliston, MA), Peterson; Eric L. (Westford, MA)

Assignee: Juniper Networks, Inc.

International Classification: G06F 15/173 (20060101); G06F 15/16 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 8/31/12018