Patent Number: 7,819,436

Title: Endformed tubular assembly

Abstract: An endform tubular assembly for a hydraulic system comprises (1) a connector member having an inner surface exhibiting a stepped configuration and a fixing member at the distal end thereof, and (2) an endform tubular member having an outer surface corresponding to the inner surface of the connector member, wherein the endform tubular member mates with inner surface of the connector member to provide an endform tubular assembly having an improved design for conveying fluids in a hydraulic system. The endform tubular assembly has inherent features therein that are measured to provide quantified values for assessing the robustness of the assembly and predict the performance of such assembly in high pressure applications for prolonged periods of time.

Inventors: Skiba; Terence (Marion County, FL), Stanley; Randy (Marion County, FL), Scherschel; John D. (Ocala, FL), Oglesby; Donald L. (Ocala, FL), Lemaster; Herb (Marion County, FL), Iler; Gary (Oakland County, MI)

Assignee: YH America, Inc.

International Classification: F16L 39/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00