Patent Number: 7,819,546

Title: Adjustable flashlight and associated method

Abstract: A bi-directional flashlight for providing improved illumination includes a central body with a handle. The device further includes a first light-emitting section permanently attached directly to the first end of the body and facing a first direction away therefrom. Such a first light-emitting section further includes a mechanism for linearly reciprocating the light bulb along a first linear path such that the light bulb selectively oscillates back and forth along a fourth direction based upon a user input. The device further includes a second light-emitting section removably and selectively attached to the second end of the central body and the handle such that the second light-emitting section selectively faces second and third directions defined parallel and perpendicular to the first direction respectively. The device further includes a holding implement and a mechanism for selectively biasing the second light-emitting section along a second linear path.

Inventors: Kazmerowski; Karen (Califon, NJ), Kazmerowski; Dennis (Califon, NJ), Kazmerowski; Ashley (Califon, NJ)


International Classification: F21L 4/02 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00