Patent Number: 7,819,682

Title: Plug-and-socket connector assembly

Abstract: The proposed plug-and-socket connector assembly comprises a male plug with contact pins and a female receptacle with contact sockets. The receptacle comprises a slider, opening the sockets to pass the pins and closing them by tight clamping, an arm displacing the slider, a lock holding the slider so that the pins freely penetrate into the sockets, and a lock releasing button. Optionally, the arm can be substituted by a knob, shifting the slider on guides. The slider is designed as a frame with a grid of plates passing through rows of the sockets shaped as clamps having embracing portions for tightly gripping the pins. The first sockets' ends are fixed in the receptacle, the second ends thereof are movable, varying the embracing portions. The proposed assembly improves contact, simplifies the design of such devices, and reduces their size.

Inventors: Donetsky; Yurij (Balashikha, Moscow Region, RU)


International Classification: H01R 13/62 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00