Patent Number: 7,819,771

Title: Asymmetrical, active axle transmission

Abstract: The invention relates to an asymmetrical, active axle transmission with an epicyclic gear system, which is arranged concentrically to a side shaft (7) and has a planet carrier (17). To achieve an active yaw function, the planet carrier (17) or the central wheel (13) can be braked. Conventional asymmetrical active yaw gears use in this connection two separate brake clutches. This enlarges the construction space and increases the manufacturing costs which the invention avoids in that the planet carrier (17) is part of a first brake coupling (5) and that a second brake clutch (9) for braking the side shaft (7) as well as the first brake clutch (5) use a common abutment lamella (19).

Inventors: Nett; Hans-Peter (Adenau, DE), Oberhausen; Bernd (Wegberg, DE)

Assignee: GETRAG Driveline Systems GmbH

International Classification: F16H 37/08 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00