Patent Number: 7,819,772

Title: Powershiftable multistage transmission

Abstract: A powershiftable multistage transmission (LMG) between an input shaft (an), which can be connected to a first transmission shaft (1), and an output shaft (ab=2) as a second transmission shaft, comprising two shaft-lines (WS1 and WS2) which are arranged in parallel in a transmission housing (0), three transfer gears (SG) between these shaft-lines, three planetary gears (PG) each with a sun gear (So), a ring gear (Ho) and a planet-carrier (Pt) with single planets, and a plurality, preferably five, shifting elements (SE). With only five shifting elements eight forward gears and one reverse gear can be switched. The six gear elements have ratios which can be designed easily even if the total ratio range is somewhere between 7<.phi..sub.ges<9. Due to the distribution of the gear elements on two shaft-lines, the transmission gearbox has a short length and is suitable for front-cross-applications as well as inline-applications. All shifting elements can be easily fed with oil to control them. With only four shifting elements the transmission still has five well stepped forward gears and one reverse gear. The gear-trains 47 and 58 are very suitable gear elements to link to an electric motor to obtain an advantageous hybrid driveline.

Inventors: Tenberge; Peter (Chemnitz/Einsiedel, DE)

Assignee: EGS Entwicklungsgesellschaft fuer Getriebesysteme mbH

International Classification: F16H 3/62 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00