Patent Number: 7,820,292

Title: Nanostructured coating for a carrying base

Abstract: The invention pertains to high-molecular compound-based composite materials using carbon in nanostructured coatings including additional elements and bonds. Nanostructured coating of the carrying base comprises layers of amorphous carbon of sp-, sp2- and sp3-hybridized states of carbon atoms. New is that coating with a highly-developed surface of the polyester film base is directly bonded by the layer of sp3-hybridized state of carbon atoms and has on top an extra metal layer 25-250 nm thick; at the same time the film base surface has corrugations 10-30 nm deep and/or is furnished with pores 0.2-6 micron in size of a total volume of 10-60%, with 1/5-1/3 portion of pores made through. The proposed technical solution is a new film material with functional nanostructured coating intended to be used as an anode of the electrolytic capacitor due to an accumulated electric potential in current-carrying layers separated by the polyester base having a highly developed modified surface that provided their adhesion and improved the electrophysical characteristics of the material.

Inventors: Shcherbakov; Igor (Moscow, RU), Sleptsov; Vladimir (Moscow, RU), Dmitriev; Sergey (Moscow oblast, RU), Itkis; Mikhail (Moscow oblast, RU)

Assignee: C-K Group Ltd

International Classification: B32B 9/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00