Patent Number: 7,820,877

Title: Transgenic mammals having human IG loci including plural V.sub.h and V.sub.k regions and antibodies produced therefrom

Abstract: The present invention relates to transgenic non-human animals that are engineered to contain human immunoglobulin gene loci. In particular, animals in accordance with the invention possess human Ig loci that include plural variable (V.sub.H and V.kappa.) gene regions. Advantageously, the inclusion of plural variable region genes enhances the specificity and diversity of human antibodies produced by the animal. Further, the inclusion of such regions enhances and reconstitutes B-cell development to the animals, such that the animals possess abundant mature B-cells secreting extremely high affinity antibodies.

Inventors: Jakobovits; Aya (Menlo Park, CA), Kucherlapati; Raju (Darien, CT), Klapholz; Sue (Stanford, CA), Mendez; Michael J. (El Granada, CA), Green; Larry (San Francisco, CA)

Assignee: Amgen Fremont Inc.

International Classification: A01K 67/027 (20060101); C12P 21/00 (20060101)

Expiration Date: 2018-10-26 0:00:00